This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry of the same name. Read Origin here.
That sweet essence 
those aromatic hues
me and my soul
where my desires
are reborn 
as they are 
baptized in your love
stripped of all my sins
as my faults and scars are 
slowly and surely erased 
gives me a pure 
beautiful clean slate 
to rewrite the stories
of love and passion
those I have been waiting eternally
to spill on  the 
thin papyrus 
Those thick fumes 
of pure passion and desires
soaking me
as I drip
and drench 
myself in you
waiting for that first breath of my
my elixir
that is the precise spot
where your love stems 
and my breaths 
take birth.
This post is in response to the daily prompt Rivulet


49 thoughts on “Origin

  1. This is beautiful, Megha. Many of the posts related to the daily prompt can seem forced and uninspired, trying too hard to use the word and not to capture it’s meaning. You have approached this in a unique way in that you did not even use the word but rather expressed it’s essence. Lovely.

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    1. Thanks so much for such a beautiful insight and getting the underlying emotion so well.Honest confession, this poem is an extension of the micro poetry but when I saw the prompt , I thought it resonates with it as well.Thanks again.

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  2. Love this extension of the micro piece. The ebb and flow of desires is a constant one within the confines of love. Brilliant use of the prompt, too!

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