Poetry reading at the BrownStone Poets,Brooklyn,NY

I’m so thrilled to be part of the Open mic at the BrownStone Poets. BrownStone Poets is founded by Patricia Carragon and is a Brooklyn-based literary series based in Brooklyn Heights. It features open Mic along with 2 to 4 featured readers. It also publishes an annual anthology by the name of “Brownstone Poets Anthology”.

I recently attended the open mic and got to read my poem “My Survival Story” winner of this year State Level NAMI Dara Axelrod Poetry Competition 2020. The event was hosted by Patricia Carragon and Roxanne Hoffman

I was blessed to share the reading space with Ronald P. Bremner ,Linda Lerner, Carrie Magness Radna, Dorothy Cantwell,Ellen Pober Rittberg,Ermira Mitre,Sarah Sarai, Peter Kozlowski, Geer Austin, Joshua Corwin and many more.

You can watch the video recording here.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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