Looking at the ceiling
lying on my bed
I think,
what makes us feel alone
What makes us feel
so unwanted
like an outcast

Is it the betrayal of the lover?
Is the faith broken by
a close friend, a confrere?

Is it the selfish
narcissist society
who wants you to sing their
praises and
lose your sobriety?
Is it living with a facade
which makes you feel lonely
lose your serenity?

Is it the false virtues
and broken truth
you are carrying
deep within your hearts?
Is it the pretense
of living a life
which is full
yet tearing you apart?

Is it the endless race
to fit inside a cookie cutter?
Is the tiredness,
to be a part of this endless grind
like a wheel and a hamster?

What makes you feel alone
will always be a mystery
as you are seeking the company
and solace
in a world
full of misery.

Photo by Elisabetta Foco on Unsplash

42 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Yes there are too many things to life that make us feel alone …until we understand solitude and the richness of life when we tune in to ourselves and live from there. Beautiful composition you have, that brings deep thoughts.

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  2. Such an interesting topic. One can be alone and not feel lonely, just as one can be lonely with someone. As a species who propagates through sexual interaction, we have it woven into our genes this need for companionship. Somehow, going through life with a partner with whom to share things, seems right. I think you ask questions that many of us ask and I like the answer you give in the final stanza.

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  3. Great thoughtst, dear Megha 🙂 – thank you.
    somehow we all are drops of the huge ocena of all consciousness, living side by side, see us separated from the ocean – it is the illusion of our mind – the fish is in the water but searches for the water. We are like fragments of a broken mirror and now the one fragment wants to know the mirror- there is another paradoxum to found in this word: “alone” – al-one – all-one – we are all alone and yet all together as all in one – infact the mirror never has really broken, it is the duality that lets it look like being broken – the consciousness that we all are aware of, that we are, that we are alive – is in everyone, but the focus of the “window” is only placed on you and me, all other windows are dorment, do not have that focus of knowing “I am” – so in this way each of us lives alone and realizes himself or herself alone, seemingly separated from all other. Our senses are outward oriented, not really inwardly – in the absolute silence of our mind, where no thoughts comes up – there we become aware that we are all connected…

    This is a huge subject indeed and not easy to describe in a few words.

    Have a great time, dear friend
    In Oneness

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    1. Wow you really have broken down the meaning of all alone as all one and have explained it so beautifully.
      Yes, I have read about collective consciousness and how we are part of a larger self.
      Thanks for reading my poetry with so much passion

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  4. Really loved this post and your topic too!! So many answers to “What makes you feel alone”? Depending on the circumstances. For me it’s 2 to 3 days of my Beloved being away that starts me thinking about how horrible it would be to live – ALONE! I’m thinking you have just given me a seed of inspiration! Thank you, My Dear for that and this wonderful post!

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