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Looking at the ceiling
lying on my bed
I think,
what makes us feel alone
What makes us feel
so unwanted
like an outcast

Is it the betrayal of the lover?
Is the faith broken by
a close friend, a confrere?

Is it the selfish
narcissist society
who wants you to sing their
praises and
lose your sobriety?
Is it living with a facade
which makes you feel lonely
lose your serenity?

Is it the false virtues
and broken truth
you are carrying
deep within your hearts?
Is it the pretense
of living a life
which is full
yet tearing you apart?

Is it the endless race
to fit inside a cookie cutter?
Is the tiredness,
to be a part of this endless grind
like a wheel and a hamster?

What makes you feel alone
will always be a mystery
as you are seeking the company

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