This poem is fourth in the anthology of the poems based on the five elements.
Please read the previous ones, if you haven’t.

Space–The Space element represents the sky, but inside our body, represents the exit points – like ears, nostrils, and mouth. According to our Hindu culture, once the soul exits the body after death it takes any of ten exists like ears, nostrils or mouth to exit the body.

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.”
― Hafiz


The spaces between us
and spaces within us
we are breathing each other
the boundless sky
where we let our dreams fly
face to face
within the hatchery of stars
it carries the fire
earth and water
and we feel
divine within us

The spaces between us
and spaces within us
the ten doors
our soul
makes the exit from
and becomes one
with the divine

The spaces between us
and spaces within us
boundless as our dreams
bright and spangled with
our hopes
you surround us
and encompass us

We are within you
and you are
within us.

 Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


24 thoughts on “Sky

  1. Beautiful!
    Once I read on a post saying “we both (husband and wife) love each other so much that we never thought about space. Going further he said we enjoy everything together. We are not like the ones who say they need personal space”. Off course I disagree. And I had to write a post 😀 just to say that we all neeed space (inside or outside) to grow, even the plants do the same.

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  2. Space has always fascinated me, especially the contrast between the space holding all the universe against the space in a cell. Space really is infinite, even in a cell, despite its walls. I love where your elemental poetry take me!

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      1. The compliment is deserve and would you look at that, a compliment for a compliment. If i was the blushing kind, I would be blushing, but I have to wait for sunrise and sunset (or a lot of running) 🙂

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