This poem is second in the anthology of the poem based on the five elements.

Water: The Water element represents the rivers, seas, oceans, and waterfalls. But it also represents blood, tears and all liquid forms in our body.

The person you love is 72.8% water–Alan Fletcher

This post is an ode to water.A quintessential element of our life which makes up most of us and surrounds most of the world around us.

We never understand the deep significance of water till we are deprived of it.
Its fluidity, its calmness, deepness and resilience in all its form teaches so much about the lessons of life and it’s struggles.

It surrounds us even before we take form, onto our first breath till we are lost to stars. Water, our endless companion.

Cleanse your soul

Wash away all your pain 

Dust off all your sorrows

Breaks the hurtful chain

Take a dip in your beautiful memories

Scrub the pain and hurt away

Pop the bubbles of pain and anxiety

Meet a new you every day

Water Oh! Holy water

You come in so many forms 

You have no color, taste or form

Yet every time my pains get soaked

You slowly wash it off

and fills every crevice 

with a beauty which glows

Floating away in your deep embrace

Takes my pain light years away

The sweet calmness and stillness of you

makes me ponder what makes you, you

You are inside and around me

You are deep and divine

You shape the rocks around you

and molds the life you pass through

You shape a mother's womb

Gives it warmth and protection

to the life being formed

a life's companion 

Water Oh! holy water

You define us

Though Shapeless and tasteless

Still, a mere reason for our existence.
 Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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