Can you hold your ground?

Have you ever been scarred by the moonlight?

Have you ever been scared to death,

by your big dreams?

Have you ever been scratched

and clawed by the angels?

Ripping your soul apart

as your hope dangles.

Have you ever get burned by the holy water,

left writhing and seething in pain?
Have you ever been torched by love,

left burning and crushing your hopes in vain?

Have you ever been blinded by a rainbow,

and left in the dark to wander?
Have you ever been duped by the trust

of the people you encountered?

Have you ever been succumbed

by the fragrance of the rose?
Does the proximity of  someone

scrapes you a little more?

Does the calmness in the moment

drives you crazy?

Does the feel of dewdrops

blisters your skin easy?

Have you ever felt jaded by

the squeals and laughs of everyone around?
Do you still think

feeling like this,

you can hold your ground?

Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “Can you hold your ground?

  1. To answer your question, I’ve been through a lot of you’ve mentioned. It’s not a competition. 😀 Just sayin’. Yes, I had troubling nightmares, never found love, been depressed, had multiple panic attacks, survived the collapse of my country… the list goes on. 😀 Yet, I haven’t found a reason not to keep trying.

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    1. Congratulations Tejasvi!! also, thanks a ton for nominating me for the award too. Sorry for the late reply but I recently have been nominated by another blogger for the Liebster award, before you did, and I did my bit by answering and nominating 10 more bloggers. But Since You have been kind enough in nominating me along with one more blogger, I will answer both of your questions and write a post about it. Thanks again.

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