Poetry upcoming in Life and Legends Issue 9, California,USA


I’m really excited to share the cover reveal of Life and Legends Issue 9 featuring two of my poems namely “Solidarity in Grief” and “Like a solemn promise”. So thankful to founder and editor Kalpna Singh-Chitnis for supporting my work and giving me space in such an esteemed journal. I’m so honored to share the space in the journal which previously featured the works of esteemed writers like Robert Pinsky, Vijay Sheshadri, Yuyutsu Sharma, Kedarnath Singh,Yogesh Patel,Usha Akella, Pramila Venketswaran, Mona Dash, PadmajaIyengar Paddy and many laureates of the literary community.

Life and Legends, primarily a poetry journal in English, also publishes literature from other languages translated into English. Their focus is to build bridges between languages and cultures, and promote diversity in literature by publishing international writers. We create opportunities for newer writers alongside publishing the work of the living legends to inspire and bring all generations of writers together.

“Life and Legends” is published by the “Silent River Film and Literary Society” a non-profit organization registered in the state of California, USA. For more, visit – www.silentriverfilmandliterarysociety.org

Happy Poetry!!
Megha Sood

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