Poetry published in the Pittsburg based SETU Special edition “Colors of Love and Barriers”


An absolute honor to have my poem ” Love is an elegy for acceptance” in the special edition of the Pittsburg-based SETU Online Magazine. The theme of the edition is “Colors of Love and Barriers”  and is guest edited by my dear talented poet and editor friend, Candice Daquin. I’m thrilled to share the space with such luminaries in the literary world.

In the words of Candice Daquin

“Why does diversity continue to matter? Because people are still prejudiced against, every single day. Until this changes, it is a subject we must continually shine a light on. And what better medium than poetry? For in poetry, we can express truth with such purity, and no need for further explanation. I am proud to devote a portion of my life to overcoming prejudice, racism, homophobia, ableism and xenophobia. I want future generations to be mindful of our past, but not have to endure it. I want love to flourish in any form it wishes to express, that does not harm others. The colors of love and resultant barriers, do not go hand in hand. They are separate and I hope one day, there will be no barriers to love – and all colors, all creeds, can love without hate.

You can read the whole issue here

You can read my poem ” Love is an Elegy for Acceptance” here.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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