Poetry published in Literary Journal WordCity Monthly, February 2021 Issue 6

So honored and elated to see my poem “Bless Us Lord, For the sin-free Life we are living” previously published in the anthology ” Lift Your Voice” by Kissing Dynamite, featured in the poetry section of WordCity Monthly February edition Issue 6.

My deep gratitude goes to  Darcie Friesen Hossack, Associate  Editor/Head of Content for the WordCity Monthly. My special thanks to Nancy Ndeke and Clara Burghelea for editing and curating the poetry part of the edition.

I’m extremely blessed to share the space with some of of the brilliant voices of the lit community of writers and activist such as Mbizo Chirasha, Ava Homa (Kurdish activist, humanitarian, speaker, and writer in exile), Jacob D Stein,Lorraine Gibson,Luanne Armstrong, and many more. You can read the whole Issue 6 here. and my poem here.

In words of the Darcie Hossack

When it comes to the pandemic, there is nothing, nothing good about what has been blowing around the globe like the dust carried in the above wind. In spite of it, however, unexpected beauty has unfolded, as well.

This journal, for instance, is an outflow of the first round of stay-at-home restrictions. As is the global community of editors and contributors that have come together to fill its pages.

If nothing else, that is what I’ve learned from the particular, shared severities of this year. For those of us who read and write about the world, motivated by care for the life lived upon it, there is community to be found, and WordCity is one such place to find it.

WordCity Monthly – a multi-genre monthly, publishing flash fiction, poetry, short fiction, folktales, book reviews, interviews, literary arts news and global opportunities. This  project is founded on the values of promoting  writing, diversity, dialogue, literary arts exchange and global tolerance. It is curated and edited  by the highly versatile and profoundly spirited storytelling revolutionary, Commonwealth Prize nominated Canadian author Darcie Friesen Hossack.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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