Final Goodbye

This poem is first in the anthology of the poems based on the Social evils.

This poem is based on the social evil of Child marriage where a young child (usually a girl below the age of fifteen) is married to an adult man.This poem encompasses the feeling of that child bride being devoured by this evil.

Gender inequality, social norms, perceived low status of girls, poverty, lack of education, safety concerns about girl children and control over sexuality are considered to be reasons for the prevalence of child marriages. Girl children in rural areas are more affected than their urban counterparts.

Child marriage is prohibited in India as per the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 but as other social evil, it still continues to exist in the rural areas due to poverty and lack of awareness.


That streak of vermilion
donning her forehead
and parting her hair
has forever
created a big chasm
an unending abyss between
her marigold colored dreams
and her
pain stricken future;

A joyous day,
a celebration for everyone
is met with the
dichotomous truth
her mourning heart
is hiding
behind her;

Incessant sobbing
the giving away
and atoning of his sons
by his father
seems to her like
getting rid of her,
a sin to be burdened with
a love so meager;

Her mother fails the
a feeble attempt
to stifle her emotions
wears an empty smile
dispensing all the lessons
of life to her
in last few moments of her freedom
an effort, too futile;

She feels no joy
in being stripped
from boxes of dollies
and few broken toys
fear and agony have
rolled into a
single emotions
when they waved
that “little bride”
a goodbye.

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50 thoughts on “Final Goodbye

    1. Thanks Radhika.I know its heartbreaking. Composing this whole anthology was specially difficult for me and overwhelming at times.If I could just feel the pain while writing think about the poor girl who has to go though this.

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  1. A horrific practice at times, made only more disturbing when you consider the relative ages of the grooms. But, as you say, as long as there is poverty and lack of education, social evils will have a place within cultures.

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  2. My comment is a combination of “oww” and “wow”. This is one of the most cruel and outdated of our social evils. More than the law (which exists on paper), it is enlightened education & social change of traditional mindsets which are the way out.

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    1. Hey Nandita, I left a comment for you in support of your writing against the abuse you have been facing.But I wrote on the wrong post. I guess on the Synchronized poem.Did u see it?
      Hoping it didnt go to your spam.


  3. That’s really saddening.
    But this is a great effort to make everyone aware of the evil practices still going on around, in this world. and the way you wrote it, I mean you mentioned every emotion running through, during that very condition was sooo… amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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