Social Evils ( An Anthology)


Hello, my blogging family,

As they say that “Pen is mightier than the sword” and being a poet/blogger we all know about the mesmerizing and strong impression our words can make on the lives of the people around us. On the eve of the World poetry day, I would like to wish all my bloggers/writers/poets of our wonderful WordPress community, more power to their thoughts and to their ever-magical quill.

Also, since I have been using poetry as a medium of my creative expression and thoughts I wanted to write a series of poems based on the few social evils of our society. Everyone I know must have experienced any of these while growing up, so I implore you to take your precious time to read about them and spread the awareness and any steps which we can do to stop them from festering in our society.

I have always been lucky in garnering the strength and support of my lovely blogging family for the previous anthologies I have published. I am wishing nothing less this time as well.

So for the next seven days, I’ll be publishing the poems from the anthology, one each day.

I’ll keep updating the links as I publish them.

1. Final Goodbye
2. Living nightmare
3. Brave
4. Broken
5. Lucky
6. Saintly
7. A cry for life

Happy blogging,

Megha Sood

Following are the links to the previous anthologies I have published

Seven Deadly sins

The Five Elements

Life Cycle of a poem

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26 thoughts on “Social Evils ( An Anthology)

  1. RE: Franky’s quote above —
    I would say that state-imposed “equality” is a far worse social(ist) evil.

    Gaze into the hole of history;
    Contemplate the bloody mystery🤗

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  2. Reblogged this on Rythemic Vocables and commented:
    So this anthology by Megha once again left me out of words. In the era of development we might have achieved a lot materialistic but there’s so much more to get.A really long way to go. But then there are people like her who do their bit to bring a change.
    Something everyone should read & share.

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