"Some people weave burlap into the fabric of our lives and some weave gold thread. Both contribute to make the whole picture beautiful and unique." --Anonymous Between the threads of reality and threads of our vivid dreams we weave our fabric of life embellish it with our achievements flaunting around with pride and we don't … Continue reading Fabric



You left me puzzled confused and bedazzled by all the questions you had for me; I was left wondering in my deep heart how the memories of my sunken past was so significant to thee; Confused and irritated and believing in the love I confined it all; You seemed so agitated as you had no past … Continue reading Puzzled

Rinse and repeat

“Leave something for someone but don't leave someone for something.”  ― Enid Blyton, Five on a Hike Together You cannot leave me again you cannot go again my bruised soul broken and splintered into million pieces you can't scrape my wounds again You cannot leave me and go again anymore There is nothing left to scrape no more scabs … Continue reading Rinse and repeat