Poetry “On Listening to Jericho Brown” Published in the Rising Phoenix Review

I’m beyond excited to see my homage poem “On Listening to Jericho Brown” published in The Rising Phoenix Review. The journal I have absolutely admired since the early days of my writing. Immensely thankful  to the EIC Christian Sammartino for supporting my work and giving me a space in his esteemed journal. The highlight of this poem was that it was liked by current Pulitzer Prize Winner Jericho Brown too!!!

You can read my poem here

In words of the editor

The Rising Phoenix Review is a monthly online zine dedicated to publishing poetry focused on the working class and other marginalized groups. We believe in the transformative power of poetry, and our mission is to publish writing that actively engages the social issues of our time.

We believe genuine writing creates an opportunity for dialogue about how to positively mend the issues of our world. 

The Rising Phoenix Review was founded as a method to track the progression of modern social issues in real time.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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