In response to the Tuesday Prompt at the GodogGoCafe


As we drank and gulped
the last two shots of tequila
burning down my throat
and numbing the pain
that I have to endure
from this day and ever
It was part celebration and
part funeral
for our love memoir

A celebration of all the
precious joyous moments
engraved forever
in our broken souls
A night of cocktails
of mixed emotions
I was leaving you
wanting you ever more

A soul splintered
mixed and rubbed
on those walls
painted with the
of our broken hearts
Intoxicated and numb
to the core

I can still taste the
burning taste of
our separation
till this day
in the back of my throat
a strong metallic taste
longing for you

Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash

54 thoughts on “Aftertaste

      1. Going through a rough path. Maybe one day soon, I’ll be able to write a little about it. For now, beauty, goodness, love, joy and faith is what I will gather to make a nest and dwell there. Hope you’re well.

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  1. A beautiful comparison. The dichotomy of love when it has turned to final shots saying goodbye. Sometimes we let things go, even though we still want them more, because it’s for the best. I felt this.

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