List of Publications for the month of October, 2022

October was the month of festivals both literary and religious. Along with soaking in the warmth and happiness of the annual festivals I also visited the Dodge Poetry Festival and lucked out with workshops with Patricia Smith and Sharon Olds. Thankful to Melida Rodas for planning the day. 

Notable publications included the anthology “ Soul Spaces” by Authors Space with a stirling lineup of eight editors. Another publication was the inclusion of poetry in the “ Dreams in Hiding” anthology curated by Debbie Tosun. I also received the contributor copy of the “ Kaleidoscope” anthology edited by Laksmisree Banerjje and Unus Moulla. 

The highlight of the month was the “ Best of the Net” by the Rainbow Project for my poem “Crimson Dreams”. Thankful to Jack Cooper and Roxanne Hoffman for the nomination.

The month ended with the selection of my debut poetry collection “ My Body Lives Like a Threat” for the coveted Literary Festival 2022 by the Indo-American Arts Council. I’m looking forward to my panel with the esteemed authors Nisha Chawla and Jhani Randhawa moderated by Dr. Ravi Shankar on Nov 12, 2022. Late-year panelists for the festival included luminaries like Sudha Murty, Indya Nooyi, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, Kal Penn, Usha Akella, Yuyutsu Sharma, Kazim Ali, Narayan Hegde, and many more.

Looking forward to a poetic December.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

List of Publications for the month of October 2022

  1. Poetry Collection (“My Body Lives Like A Threat”, FlowerSong Press) selected for the prestigious Indo-American Arts Council’s 2022 Literary Festival, Nov 12-13, 2022, NYC

  1. Poetry forthcoming in the anthology “Soul Spaces: Poems on Cities, Towns, and Villages” by Authors Press, India

  1. Poetry forthcoming in “Dreams in Hiding” anthology

  1. Poetry nominated for the Best of the Net 2023 anthology

  1. Poetry published in Kaleidoscope, Anthology of International Poets

  1. Invited to the Festival of Moving Image by The Artists Forum, NYC

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