Street Lights


The dimming street lights
cast a long shadow
you are taking long strides
to keep the demons away
from catching up to you

You are hiding your soul
saving it
Not ready to make a deal with
with the devil yet
the flickering light in your heart
is giving you way
While the night engulfs the
shadows away

It’s the beginning of the nightfall
the night is dense
You can’t track your guiding star
The shadows are catching up
You can only run this far.

You can knock all you want
There won’t be any
help you can find
the voyeurs in the street
would love to hear you
screaming alive.

Your hurtful pleads
can only go so far
the lights are dimming
voices are dying down
you can only run this far.

Photo by Paul Garaizar on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt  Dim

48 thoughts on “Street Lights

  1. Keen observation and a will to write gives us a unique insight, but the soft touch of a woman’s mind brings tranquility that would be hard to achieve by men. Simplicity, smooth flow with a touch of magic can be the key……!

    This is your second poem I have read, and I find them both intoxicating and inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful poem with a sense of melancholy running through it.

    On a different note, the second “with” in these lines below, is it intentional?

    “Not ready to make a deal with 
    with the devil yet”

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