My beautiful night


The dark engulfs
your sorrows and pains
and paint a different shade of happiness
A different shade of grey

The night paint kohl in your eyes
underline the magic in your gaze;
it casts the spell
of  your tantalizing looks
turning my wishes ablaze

Takes me, the stranger
into the whirlwind
of your desire;
spins me around
sets my heart on fire

The night whisper
in your ears 
my sweetest desires
the forbidden wishes
I so want to come true;
it takes away
all the darkness
strip all the loneliness
dissolve all the malice in me and you

It unveils the mystery
which intrigues you for so long;
rekindle that fire, stir you slowly
keeps the emotions going strong

 The silent night
gives voice to my muted soul;
resonate the love
etched in me and
serenades you from my core

It defines your beauty
in its elegant silhouette;
sunrise starts the day
but wearing the night
as an amulet.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt <a href=””>Silhouette</a&gt;



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