I’m living at your mercy
waiting for your sweet glance to
get caught by my hungry eyes
I’m trying breathlessly
to get close to you
to get brushed by your skin
or elbowed by you
hiding in the plain sight
almost invisible to you
your silhouette is 
marked on my soul
your perfume arouses the 
deep ecstasy which
I couldn’t define
They call me desperate
attention seeker, a stalker
whereas my whole self
revolves around you
twirled around you
my body dances
A fleeting touch
by your warm heart
lit up my day and
warm up my nights
have some mercy on me
mention me once in your conversation
give me that satisfaction
my soul is longing for
This post is in response to daily prompt  Mercy
Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash


28 thoughts on “Mercy

  1. Megha,

    Beautiful. It almost has an “every breath you take” by the police feeling to it, especially when combined with the picture. That feeling of being in love, or having a crush, and just wanting to be seen, wanting to have the feeling so powerful inside our own hearts reflected in the one we are drawn to. Wonderful poem.



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