Video recording of Poetry reading for the Life in Quarantine, Stanford University

I’m elated to share the video recording of the poetry event held on June 03, 2022, to celebrate the successful completion of the project “Life in Quarantine” by CESTA, Stanford University. What more beautiful way to celebrate anything other than with poetry.  I’m grateful to the project managers, Nelson Endebo, Ellis Schriefer, and Farah Bazzi for bringing me on board this project in 2020  and giving me a chance to work with the brilliant minds of the CESTA, Stanford University. Also, thankful to Natasha Huynh for co-planning the event.

To celebrate the project’s completion, we invited a few readers from the “Words in Quarantine” archive to read their work. Right below you can watch a recording of our June 3rd, 2022 poetry reading in celebration of Words in Quarantine, featuring readers Natasha Huynh, Usha Akella, Lucinda Clark, Gina Duran, David A. Romero, Matt Sedillo, Danny Shot, Barry Wallenstein, and Megha Sood. Feel free to read the work from the archive and share it.

Words in Quarantine

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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