Advance Praise for my debut Full-length Poetry Collection “My Body Lives Like a Threat, FlowerSong Press” by Anne Casey


In the series of promoting my #debut #fulllength #poetrycollection “My Body Lives Like a Threat”” by FlowerSong Press, today I’m proud to share this blurb by award winning poet and writer, Anne Casey.

Anne Casey Originally from the west of Ireland and living in Sydney, Anne Casey is an award-winning poet/writer and author of two critically acclaimed poetry collections— where the lost things go (Salmon Poetry 2017) and out of emptied cups (Salmon Poetry 2019), with two books of poetry forthcoming in 2021. Her second poetry collection was selected for Best Dressed in 2020 by Sundress Academy for the Arts 2020 in the USA – the curators of the prestigious Best of the Net awards. This book was also selected for Books of the Year 2019 by The Lonely Crowd magazine in the UK.

Megha Sood’s My Body Lives Like a Threat is an impassioned and unflinching war cry against racial and gendered violence and oppression. Laced with Dante-esque, vividly visceral imagery, the poet poses a series of potent and compelling questions – “Does scream have a religion? Do cries have a race? Does hurt have a gender?”. Railing against a catalog of griefs, from deeply personal to global “pain like a stray dog”- the “razor-sharp vernacular of death”, “raging inequality” and “a cornrow of failed desires”, the poet rebels against “a million slithering tongues” and the “putrid stench of indifference” in a world where systemic suppression “takes the shape of a chokehold”. Much as this book is a fervent and unflinching war cry, it is also a cry from the heart, a bloody-knuckled digging for hope.

Anne Casey, Author of “Out of Emptied Cups”, Award-Winning Poet and Writer

My debut full length is currently open for pre-orders at FlowerSong Press. 

A BIG Thanks to those two who ordered the book and those who wish to purchase a copy here is the link–>

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