Featured Poet on the Wednesday Night Poetry(WNP), Dec 08, 2021 7pm CST by Kai Coggin

I’m thrilled and honored to be the featured poet on the country longest running pooetry reading event hosted by poet and author, Kai Coggin. I”m extremely honored to share the virtual space with the Jersey City Poet Laureate, Rescue Poetix. The event is also taking place person at the LIVE at Kollective poet and is graced by TedX Speaker and author of four poetry collection, Crystal Stone.

In words of Kai Coggin:

🎙⭐️ This Wednesday December 8th at WNP Virtual Open Mic, Poetry Through the Pandemic, Volume 81, and LIVE and in-person at Kollective Coffee+Tea, I am honored and thrilled to feature these amazing, powerful, and necessary voices dedicated to telling the human story— (LIVE at Kollective) poet, TEDx speaker, and author of four poetry collections Crystal Stone; (Virtually on FB) New Jersey poet, editor, author, and literary activist Megha Sood; and first Puerto Rican woman Poet Laureate of Jersey City, NJ Rescue Poetix!

Wednesday Night Poetry is committed to providing a platform that bridges communities and hearts, facilitating understanding and empathy, especially by amplifying Woman-identifying, Black, Latinx, Native, and LGBTQ+ voices at this pivotal moment in the consciousness of our country. As long as I am the host, we will be here as a place to heal and process and grow as an intersectional community of poets striving toward a better HUMANITY. Black Lives Matter. Stop Asian Hate. Protect Trans Lives. Love is Love. PRIDE every day. Protect Bodily Autonomy. All of it.
This week, and every week going forward, we must all commit to LISTEN to all the parts that make us a WHOLE HUMANITY. This week, these tremendous voices build bridges with their hearts and with their words.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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