Poetry accepted for the WNYC Poetry Challenge: “Your poems from isolation” #WNYC #Gothamist #NationalPoetryMonth #PausePoetry

I’m elated to share the news that one of my poems got accepted for the poetry challenge by WNYC Radio Station. The poem has been written as a response to the weekly prompt project “Poems from the Isolation” in response to the National Poetry Month.I’m really thankful to the WNYC reporter Shumita Basu for her to support Currently, the project is curating poems for its second week. The poem is going to be published on Gothamist.com.Gothamist is a website about New York City and everything that happens in it.

This brilliant project has been curated by the WNYC Reporter Shumita Basu. Basu has been running this project to honor the National Poetry Month. In the opening week, she curated and featured almost 150+ poems in response to the prompt.

Here is the prompt for the second week:

Answer the question you wish someone would ask you right now. Make the question the title of your poem.

Here is a link to the compilation.

Happy National Poetry Month!!

Megha Sood


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