Response to Tuesday Writing Prompt at GodogGo cafe

My response to  write a piece of prose “I never want that again

I never want that again that searing pain simmering and oozing through every pore of my suppurating skin. Marked and haunted with time. Scarred and carved with welts and blisters painful reminder of all the thoughts and the memories you have left me with. The moment you have walked out of that door and disappeared into the oblivion. I have been caged within the boundary of my walls. The sepia-tinged walls reeking with moments of sadness and longing, The sun is no longer a reminder of the warm apricity it brings to me and my potted Lillies but the scorching heat of the summer sun draining me slowly. I’m peeling, scrubbing and scraping off every single reminder of your presence in this lonely heart of mine. I want it to be a temple, a birther of beauty. Something pure and sublime. I promise myself to steer clear of the sadness. That feeling of despondency, I never want that again.

–Megha Sood


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