Exciting News!

Exciting news happening at the Cafe. Join us on March 7 for a Prose writing workshop hosted by the talented Tanya Cliff.

Go Dog Go Café

Exciting News!

I am going to be hosting a weekly Writer’s Workshop here on Saturdays, beginning March 7th. Please join me for a fun, challenging opportunity to stretch your writing skills in this friendly environment. I love the group at GDG! I’m thrilled to be joining you, especially in a format that explores the power of language in storytelling.

The Writer’s Workshop will stick with a single prompt response each month, limited to 150-300 words, and involve several editing challenges to the same response designed to sharpen prose. The schedule is as follows:

Week 1: The Fastball
This week, I will introduce some element of good prose and/or share encouraging words from favorite authors. Then, I will pitch the Fastball prompt. Participants can link their responses in the comments section, and I will share them the following week.

Week 2: Batting Practice
This week, I will continue the discussion and…

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