I’m looking for a loophole
to get into your 
broken and closed heart
just looking for the ways 
how to get a jump-start
A smile, a look
or a full-on embrace
which trick might work 
which might solve the case
With that forlorn look
in your eyes
and your gait
of a lost wolf
seems to me like
somebody gave you
more than they took
Your eyes filled with
that deep sadness
evokes the darkness 
hidden in the 
shapeless clouds 
hiding the thunder
To live an empty life
seems to me a wonder
There should be way to
get across all that pain
there is a reason 
you looked back again.
This post is in responce to the daily promptLoophole

26 thoughts on “Loophole

    1. Thanks, but most of my images have been taken from the creative common photographers group. I always credit them in the end of my post.I recently did my first anthology based on seven sins.Would really appreciate if you can take a look.

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