Where is the home you are looking for?

Being a part of a relationship should not be like facing an obstacle course. Yes, it should present you with challenges and give you the experience of dealing and growing but the whole timeline of being in a relationship should not present itself as a confrontation. A constant challenge. It should help you grow as a person.
Learning and growing through the relationship should be beautifully gratifying to either party. Anything which requires you to be different from the person you naturally are or anything that requires yourself to put a facade is not a relation. It’s a deception. A constant tirade, an irksome behavior, a constant push and pull. And as we all know that the pushing and pulling have never accounted for any growth in any kind of relationship or companionship.
Relationships should help you bloom and not wither under its constant pressure. Ending a busy day, a hamster on the wheel routine, and sharing with someone who actually listens should be a moment, one should look forward to. Listening to your partner shouldn’t come across as a responsibility or a chore.
A relationship doesn’t mean absolute synchronicity of views and opinions. Science should not be the basis of a perfect relationship that teaches that being in sync causes the resonance. The peak happiness we all are striving for. Diversity is beautiful.
Cliches like opposites attract, the perfect wavelength, etc. should not be the benchmarks of making a relationship work. Just like the diversity in life and nature, diversity in opinions should be accepted and respected. Nodding your head along for everything coming out of your companion’s mouth doesn’t make you the perfect partner. It robs you from the opportunity to be voiced and heard.
It just numbs and stunts your growth and snatches away the beautiful trait of being opinionated. Diversity is as quintessential as in nature as it should be in relation. It gives us the necessary perspective and also prepares us with a plethora of choices in our life. Perspective matters. It brings uniqueness to your personality.
Companionship is not about finding the perfect piece of the puzzle to fit together but to mindfully make space in your heart to accept the person with its flaws and strengths.
Be with someone who feels like home.
–Megha Sood
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8 thoughts on “Where is the home you are looking for?

  1. Yes, penned perfectly…It is not always about finding the perfect person or the perfect moment, it about being comfortable in your own skin and allowing both parties room to breathe and be themselves when they are with each other…<3 Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I agree with you 100%. When people glamorize romance as something perfect, they build hope in the minds of finding that perfect relationship, which frankly only exists in fiction. Real world and real relationships are based of acceptance.

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