Poetry published in KOAN ( Paragon Press)- “Tourniquet”

I feel humble and delighted to see my poem featured in this esteemed journal. This marks a new chapter in my journey of being a writer.

KOAN -one of the literary magazines hosted by the esteemed Paragon Press.

As they describe themselves “The Paragon Press is an up-and-coming literary publishing house that is home of The Paragon Journal and other periodical literary magazines. The Paragon Press focuses on bringing the best of contemporary poetry and prose to audiences around the world.”

Please read my poem “Tourniquet” published in their digital magazine. Please turn to the page 22-23 to read it.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood



18 thoughts on “Poetry published in KOAN ( Paragon Press)- “Tourniquet”

  1. First, I want to say congratulations! And the poem does not disappoint. I like how it is so open to interpretations, which are the best poems (like looking at a painting so to speak) and I enjoy the back and forth feeling I had with it. I enjoyed how the speaker was describing how this person cannot tie a tourniquet because of deep down (how I see it) that this person yearns for life even though he wants to leave it. It’s hopeful, inspiring, and a little sad, and I like that it’s a mix of emotions. Great work!


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