Reaction (Micro poetry)


43 thoughts on “Reaction (Micro poetry)

      1. Thank you Megha! When I’m here, I try to comment as much as I can. There are many poets to discover and appreciate their talents. I do read your beautiful work of eloquence and good taste! And I smile when I see your picture here and their with your babe in arms. Heartwarming indeed.

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      2. Thank you Megha.I am kind in my living.Though kindness is not always welcome in a brutal world. The more sorrow we go through in life, the brighter the heart light can shine! Your poetry tells beautiful stories no harshness leaves your pen. Everyone has a preference when reading poetry, my preference is reading heart words which light the world with the beauty life intended. My poetry blog is down for construction. But I will continue to enjoy your poems and many other serious writers here, and elsewhere. How lucky the world is to delight in the gift of writing. Good luck to you on your road of success!

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      3. Megha, thank for understanding. I have read your writing ever since I came to WP. You will go farther in your public recognition as a genuine poet!

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