Poetry published in Winter Issue of Literary Heist- “Simple Beliefs”

I'm so delighted to see my poem finds it home in the Canadian Literary Arts Journal Literary heist. So thankful to the editor Ryan Brinkhurst who has given me the opportunity. Literary Heist( a signatory of Pw.org)  is a Canadian  Literary Journal which is published quarterly on the 21 of every quarter and the digital … Continue reading Poetry published in Winter Issue of Literary Heist- “Simple Beliefs”


First published in Literary Heist, Fall edition This pain is toothless though it bites and numbs me from within; with a nibble here a there it leaves marks on me a pulverized pain; With the clickety clackety sound of the teeth clenched together and shut tightly I can feel everything going numb; This tepid life and the … Continue reading Recursive

Poetry feature in Literary Heist-Religion

And here comes the day I have been waiting for months ever since the day they have announced the acceptance of my poem in their summer edition. Literary Heist online quarterly magazine is published every March 21st, June 21st, September 21st, and December 21st. The yearly electronic book is published every year on February 1st. … Continue reading Poetry feature in Literary Heist-Religion