Poetry published in Winter Issue of Literary Heist- “Simple Beliefs”

I’m so delighted to see my poem finds it home in the Canadian Literary Arts Journal Literary heist. So thankful to the editor Ryan Brinkhurst who has given me the opportunity.

Literary Heist( a signatory of Pw.org)  is a Canadian  Literary Journal which is published quarterly on the 21 of every quarter and the digital book comes out on 1st Feb. It is published by Ryan D Brinkhurst.

In the Words of editor in chief ” Literary Heist wants to democratize the literary and art world by publishing an online magazine that is focused on transformative writing and art”

Please read my poem “Simple Beliefs” hereThis poem talks about the unfettered belief and the respect for the tradition carried out by our elderly. It is an ode to their simple beliefs.

Happy blogging!




27 thoughts on “Poetry published in Winter Issue of Literary Heist- “Simple Beliefs”

  1. congratulations! It looks like everything.on your blog now has been published in one journal or another. No way can I keep up with you 😊 My style of poetry js not what most publications/journals are looking for, so I don’t bother anymore except for VB, and I’m fine with it.

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      1. I see how it sounded when I read it again after reading you comment. I don’t consider you as competition or that we are competing. We are both pretty damn good poets, both on separate paths. And you are no fleck dear friend! I am so proud of you and happy for you! I know the time and effort you put into you poetry and submitting to journals, and I am so glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. Merry Christmas dear friend. 😊❤🎅

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