First published in Literary Heist, Fall edition


This pain is toothless

though it bites and

numbs me from within;

with a nibble here a there

it leaves marks on me

a pulverized pain;

With the clickety clackety sound

of the teeth

clenched together and shut tightly

I can feel everything going numb;

This tepid life and the

mournful scars of the reality

with it shapeshifting monster

and the ghouls lingering inside

the layers of my skin

sometimes morphs and takes shapes

sometimes they just sit

still hiding within;

This undulating wave of the

simmering and the rising pain

I need a magic potion

an elixir,

to make them disappear

just need to click the heels together again;

Those memories

etching blisters on my yellow skin

leaves the suppurating marks

marking it territory

to put a bookmark

a reminder,

for the next time

from where to start



Photo by Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash

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