To begin again….

Megha's World

To begin again,

something must end

a vicious life circle

and that is the trend;

you are conceived as  a hope

floating  as a stardust

in the skies

you take form as a hope

and the quest for the

life begins;

planning your precarious life

tiptoeing the mistakes and

holding onto your pride

the journey begins;

falling in the web of deceit 

and unhappiness

rummaging the soul

for the eternal salvation

the fallacy remains;

clutching your dreams

with those bony fingers and the

pallid face

the hope remains;

Nearing the end of the journey

you let go of all the pretense

floating towards the final


cause to begin again

something must end.

This poem is part of the collaborative poem started by Grabbety covens. Read the final piece here.

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