First Published in the Madness Muse Press


I’m an immigrant

a person whose

roots are dangling between

continents and spanning cultures

trying to get the footing

to maintain the balance

dangling between the void and the fullness

My mouth speaks two language

where my heart bears one

I’m training my tongue to

get used to the new taste of everything

while remembering my mother’s recipe

to celebrate my festivals

looking in the ethnic isles of the grocery stores

clutching to the old traditions

living in the constant

fear of being called a misfit

learning new slangs and clichés

I’m still trying to find a balance in my life


my roots are spanning the continents

and my heart is buried in one.

I’m an immigrant

I’ll be always be called one.

22 thoughts on “Immigrant

  1. Can so relate to it Megha.. But then , I have felt this even when I was in the place that I call HOME. Trying to balance between the past and the future not knowing what the present is..

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  2. Such a moving and powerful piece! Aren’t we all immigrants (unless you are a Native American)? It’s just that some have forgotten and let go of their culture and heritage. Lot’s of pressure to conform and forget. My wife’s grandparents were of Portuguese decent and refused to teach her Portuguese, saying, “we are American now so we speak English”. Sadly, some can’t keep a love of the homeland and their new home in balance and reverence! Great Post!!

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    1. You have covered a lot of truth in this comment. Yes we all are imiigrant in one way or the other as the lans has never belonged to you and it will never be.Also, I think we should never lose the roots to our culture.For same reason I have taught my native language to my kid.Each culture has its own beauty and its not superior or inferior to any other.


      1. No respect for life no-more. World showing true face. Every life had value. Big government making people escape war zones and terror. It is sad. What was done and is being done. You are welcome Megha.

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