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You push me to the edge
and bring me back
like a boomerang
I keep coming back to you
self-oscillating between
 the realms of dreams and reality
I keep looking for fragments
hidden everywhere of you
shreds of reality
dig deep into my soul
carving the image
of my forlorn love
maybe if you stretch
my imagination enough
and give me a push and shove
and release my being
into this dream spangled sky
I find you in my dreams
I keep coming back for you more
you are my savior
and you are one, I defy.
Photo by nour c on Unsplash

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26 thoughts on “Boomerang

  1. My brain let you go but my heart held you close.
    As always so much said in few lines.
    Special mention about the pictures you chose.They are truly beautiful and O so apt for the poetries.This pic has 3 birds.Look at the lowest one.It so bright like and angel flying😍

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  2. Love the title and the sentiment of returning. Really great lines here, especially ‘self-oscillating between the realms of dreams and reality.’ Some love is like this, difficult to settle into and difficult to leave so we drift back and forth, always returning only to try and remove ourselves again. This I can relate to.

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