Scar – A poem

“Something which doesn’t touch your heart
will leave a scar”


Wounds don’t really heal
they dry and leaves a scar
Broken hearts don’t mend
they stay that way and leaves a scar
Broken promises are not saved
they leave a scar
Those unwanted fingers in the dark
the body doesn’t forget
they leave a scar
Friendships don’t survive the betrayal
they leave the scar
Tears don’t dry up well
they leave a scar
Time doesn’t heal anything
it just leaves a scar
Souls don’t get a deliverance
they leave a scar
Relations don’t stand the test of time
they leave a scar
Broken truth doesn’t build the trust
they leave a scar
You cannot armor your heart anymore
If he doesn’t touch your heart
he will leave a scar.

Photo by jaquesbarcelos at Pixabay

8 thoughts on “Scar – A poem

  1. Profound truth in these lines. Even the lines themselves become visceral scars that we can feel as we read them.


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