Black Rainbow

“Sadness is monochrome.”


Depression is real.It’s not just a fleeting thought; it’s a disease. No amount of distraction around you can cure your sadness.No amount of beauty around you can make your heart happy. Do not treat depression as a state of mind which will just go away if you ignore it longer. Get help!!

The following free verse reflects the same feeling.


Looking at the sky

After it has been washed with rain and thunder

Waiting for the nature to take out its palette

Strokes of beauty dipped in endless colors

Waiting for the divine beauty to appear in front of me

Black clouds to be lifted

And wash away all the slithering mud

Dipped and soaked again in the morning dew drops

I waited so long so long

To see a black rainbow.

The picture I used in this post has been clicked by Christian Sterk on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt Black

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