Advance Praise for my debut Full-length Poetry Collection “My Body Lives Like a Threat, FlowerSong Press” by Rescue Poetix


In the series of promoting my #debut #fulllength #poetrycollection “My Body Lives Like a Threat”” by FlowerSong Press, today I’m proud to share this blurb by brilliant poet, author, performer and 2021-22 Jersey City Poet Laureate, Rescue Poetix.

RescuePoetix™ is the first Puerto Rican woman to be appointed as Poet Laureate of Jersey City (2021-2022). As a New Jersey native, a poet and spoken word artist, she embraces artist entrepreneurship, writing and performing at live events since 2006 throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and Mexico. She was introduced and fell in love with Jersey City’s underground Arts diversity and, as a result, RescuePoetix™ emerged as an artist entrepreneur and arts business entity in 2011.

She has served on Nonprofit Boards since 2016, currently serving on the Board of Directors for  In Full Color:Empowering Women of Color through Arts and education (Jersey City NJ), Treasurer, West Side Arts and Music (Jersey City, NJ), Vice President, Word Seed Inc (Paterson NJ), and serves on committees for Bergen County Players, Hudson County Chamber of Commerce/Hudson Gives, Hudson County Committee College Poetry Committee, and Paterson Performing Arts Development Council, as well as being the Regional Leader for Free Mom Hugs – New Jersey (Hudson County).

Megha Sood weaves stark reality with vibrant images to create a surreal yet sharp understanding of the complexity of humanity. Each piece entices you to the next, drawing you further into the heart of this body of work. Living.  Vibrant. Unapologetic. Powerful. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading.”

Rescue Poetix, Poet, Author, Performer and 2021-22 Poet Laureate of Jersey City, New Jersey.

My debut full length is currently open for pre-orders at FlowerSong Press. 

A BIG Thanks to those two who ordered the book and those who wish to purchase a copy here is the link–>

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