Poetry Published in the Arcs Prose Anthology 2021

Thrilled to see my prose poem published in the Arcs Prose Anthology 2021 curated and edited by Dr Pragya Suman.

Link to the Arcs prose Anthology 2021. My poem “Weeping Willow” has been published on the Page 27.

Click to access 7b4db6_9f96442c772649ba904f7346923e9176.pdf

In words of Dr Pragya Suman:

Arc prose poetry anthology 2021 is live and beautiful. I have done the best with formatting, it was time taking and I learnt a lot about digital platforms. I am a doctor by profession. Writing and editing is not my profession and I have done it only out of my creative passion. It is also available on issue.com and flipsnack. It is the first issue of a prose poetry anthology and will be published annually in future.There are so many amazing contributors from many countries in inaugurative issue and it was really nice of me to keep all of them in one place. Dr Anwer ghani,Cassendra Atheorton, paul Hetherington, Oz–Hardwick, Peter Green, Dvid thane Cornell, Ramchandran MA,jyotirmaya Thakur, Martin ijjir, Nancy Ndeke, Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, Gerry LaGuardia Leonard, Megha Sood,Kareem Abdullah, Josep Juarez, Lorelai Griot are the contributors who have helped in making this anthology with their elegant writings. Prose poems are gaining wide reception in the postmodernist era and we believe that prose poetry never deletes poetry but it elevates poetry.
Anthology is going to be available in both digital and print form.
Happy Poetry!!
Megha Sood

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