First published in Piker Press, Oct 2018


The raging bitterness of sun and moon

a constant tirade,

till the time eternal

who could ever think that

the days and nights of our life

is a mere result of a

lover’s tiff


The turning over of seasons

the lexicons of earth and wind

rolling away of summer

in the deep embrace of

vibrant autumn

with winters gently melting down

the skin of forgiving spring

who could have thought that the turning over of

seasons are a mere result of

embrace and sweet surrender


The gathering over of million streams and rivers

gushing over the love for the ocean

quietly giving in

fragrant like the musk deer

covering thousands of miles

doused in the sacred peace of unison

giggling her way

like the contours of a love song

losing its own identity

who could have thought that

the birth of our oceans

are a result of heartening sacrifice.



9 thoughts on “Reasons

  1. My reaction to your picture prompted less highbrow thoughts within me than were contoured up inside you.
    I am ashamed of myself, of course ….

    I’ve always dreamt of water blue
    A place somewhere for me and you
    Together where we’d be as one
    A life of sex and sea and sun
    Another world for you and me
    Within my private fantasy
    Perhaps I do not want a wife
    But need a mermaid in my life

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