Perception-a matter of discussion

Lately, the discussion of Laurel vs Yanny on the internet had so much of
discussion and uproar about it that It has inspired me to write this poem.
Let me know your thoughts.


Difference of opinion

a matter for discussion

should open our closed thoughts

open new spaces to possibility

and should widen our perception

they should not be served as 

gateways for our narrow

preconceived emotions

rather a vehicle

to carry those thoughts

to inception

those little tiny thoughts

translucent or may be opaque,

wandering in deep crevices of our

beautiful and resplendent minds

should be the food for thoughts

not our tricks for perception

Welcome the thoughts and varied opinions

be open to facts and to fictions

what relevant or what is not

should not hamper 

your vision

I respect your views

and you are welcome too

Is this not the point of 

living in an amicable society

the very essence

of our humble existence?


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

26 thoughts on “Perception-a matter of discussion

      1. I know! It just seems it is so hard these days to be able to have a civil discussion because of the reasons you mentioned, everyone holds to their beliefs without even being able to consider other ideas. I guess playing chess has helped me to always be able and wanting to see things from the other person’s perspective!


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