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First Published in the Praxis Magazine That frail evening marking the shadows of the long summer days a bird perched on the barbed wires of the prison demarcating the happiness and the grief acceptance and rejection solitude and the wails of the laughter the prisoner and the free   the arresting height of that boisterous wall … Continue reading Demarcation


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genessa-panainte-130232.jpgRise up to the light
the light you deserve
don’t give up
on your
perfect imperfections

Your scars, flaws, weakness
are the marks of beauty
in your life
unique as a snowflake
a beauty undefined

There is no replacement
don’t you dare surrender
your broken lines on your face
is the map to the lost soul
to the wandering heart
lost in the maze

Don’t you dare surrender
your idiosyncrasies
your mistakes
makes you human
You and I
We are alive,
We are alive

Don’t leave the love behind
cause I could never
replace your
perfect imperfections.

Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

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