I Can Wait – Megha Sood

My piece featured on the Free Verse Revolution based on December theme Hope


Displaying joyce-huis-280788-unsplash (1).jpgI can hold your hands till you bleed

till your soul is absolved

of all the sins and predilections

till your skin is wiped clean

off all the scars

and voice is cleansed

from all the expletives

to get the searing pain

washed off your soul

I can wait

till the blood is wiped off

cleansed and scrubbed off

from every single pore of your wretched skin

we can hope for the love

we can hope for the light

but the battles are never won

it is an unending fight

I can hold you in my thoughts

till the crimson sun

bleeds in the skies

and the horizon is tainted red

with its scars

I can wait for you till the ashen moon

rubs off the scars of its face and

renders itself pure

I can wait till time finds its wriggling tale and

bites it deep.

I can wait…

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Two poems published in the Madness Muse Press Blog-“Broken” and “Immigrant”

This fills me with happiness to see that two of my poems have been featured on the Madness Muse Press Blog. I"m really thankful to the associate editor Chani Zwibel to have given me the opportunity. Madness Muse was founded in 2016 as a means to publish writing with sociopolitical learnings.Currently it is  press dedicated … Continue reading Two poems published in the Madness Muse Press Blog-“Broken” and “Immigrant”

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The editors and contributors are ending our week of events honoring the publication ofWe Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Prose, Essay, and Art the way we started it-with a Live Event on Friday, December 7th on Facebook. Our first Live Event was well-attended and really terrific- lots of interaction between the attendees, editors, and book contributors.

Our final live event provides a great opportunity to learn more about the book’s origin, purpose, and its contributors and get some sneak peeks of the powerful content. You will also have a chance to enter some great book giveaways!

Learn morehere.

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Megha's World


Paradox continues
life sustains
seeking company and solace
in a crowded room
oh! the fallacy remains

Striving hard to search for
the eternal soulmates
within a
relationship of convenience
the contradictions sustains

Vows made out of blood
and eternal bonding
witness by the many
the deceptions remains

Blessed and pardoned
by the holy grace
and few pennies
in the charity box
the elusions pertains

Being born in the
land of mortals
seeking a sinless life
at the horizon
the illusion remains

Heading towards the
shiny mirage
tumbling towards
the inevitable and certain
yet born with a pure soul
the aberration remains.

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

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