You are clipping  my wings  to suit your needs; you are breaking  my bones to fit me inside a cookie cutter; caulking and smoothing my  rough opinions just so you please; tightening the strings  to make this puppet dance to your tune wildly; You are bending  my will and twisting  my emotions to  suit your needs; you … Continue reading Lava


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This post is an ode to the strong, fierce women who are survivors of acid attacks. They go through immense physical and emotional pain but still manage to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. I salute to all such woman, who after going through a life-altering incident has never backed down, never given up and showed the world the real strength of a fighting soul.
” He has changed my face, not my heart. He has burned my face , not my dreams”
                                                                           –Laxmi Agarwal, acid attack survivor
She is fierce, braveBraving the worldFacing the wrathatoning sins of her ancestors
living  a misogynistic truthPushing through the hurdles of the…

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