“Ultimately, it is the desire, not the desired, that we love.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche If I drink and lick that sweet wine that elixir dripping from your fingers it will resurrect all my ashen dreams lying lifeless in my graveyard of thoughts it will resurrect me and bring me down will take out the nails and un-crucify … Continue reading Desire


When I heard you the first time I shifted my gaze to look for you in that crowded room your deep-throated voice stirred something inside my soul and started something I didn't know   When I heard you the first time I felt as if you have called out to my sleeping soul and shook me … Continue reading Voice


I'm breathing you in and exhaling out taking puffs of you and making clouds. I'm drunk on you intoxicated by your love with wine-stained lips I'm calling out your name Can't get more of you seeping you into my soul churning my love out. I'm high on you Am feeling dizzy dreaming of us together swirling around wrapped in … Continue reading High

Fleeting romance

“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.” ― Oscar Wilde Oh! how fleeting it was how softly it made me blush left my heart feeling so sanguine a feathered touch that soft subtle feeling those fleeting glances and catching them through the corner of the eyes I'm trying to hide that feeling so fervently where it … Continue reading Fleeting romance