Liebster award 2018

Love and the continued support from my wonderful WordPress community have never failed to amaze me.It fills my heart with happiness to inform that I have again been nominated by a wonderful blogger, Shoumodip Roy, for the Liebster award. He is a wonderful writer and blogs at The floating thoughts by Roy. Go check out … Continue reading Liebster award 2018

New Me

May this New Year brings a "new you"!!.Wishing my whole blogging community a very Happy New Year 2018!! I smell blood in the water I see sharks all around me heartbroken, downtrodden wandering in search of you finding a way out of this labyrinth the hope keeps burning and the flickering flame never meets its death … Continue reading New Me

Greed ( Avaritia)

This fourth poem is a part of the anthology of poems based on the Seven deadly sins. Do read the previous ones too, if you haven't yet. Greed(Avaritia): an excessive pursuit of material possessions. “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” ― Socrates A … Continue reading Greed ( Avaritia)


I'm almost there dragging my feet pushing myself to the limit almost running out of breath breathless and panting   I'm almost there I can see the  finish line my heart beating still pulling myself with all my strength and still not losing the grin   I'm almost there pushing my boundaries and testing my limits saying a … Continue reading Mirage


We, humans, have the proclivity to shut down emotionally in a state of emotional crisis.We all feel that we are safeguarding ourselves from all the pain and angst by keeping the help at bay and downplaying the hurt we are going through. It takes a lot of courage to open to someone and to share your deep emotional thoughts with people around us. We all feel very vulnerable by doing so, but are we really keeping us safe this way?

Are you talented?

“Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.”  --Erica Jong Creativity can take different forms and different directions. What final forms it takes depends on how well you nurture it but what is a talent? How do you define yourself to be talented in a … Continue reading Are you talented?

Liebster award #2 and #3

Wow!! I have been double nominated for the Liebster award by two of my fellow bloggers. Tejasvi Kashyap from Light Behind the cloud and Winnie from Musings. Yay!! a double nomination. I must be doing something right with my blog. I'm so elated and surprised by the mere fact that our generous bloggers' community has yet again found me … Continue reading Liebster award #2 and #3

My fight

When will the struggle be going to be over? When will the pain end? The continuous feeling of fighting against something unknown and invincible is tiring and exhausting. How can you fight the daily grind of life knowing that you can never come alive out of it? Yes that the eternal truth everybody know. When … Continue reading My fight


Is your soul perfectly round, chiseled and shaped to perfection? Are you not rough around the edges anymore, and all your flaws have been smoothed?   Did they cover and caulk all the holes in it? Sanded and brushed so that no sin can seep in and polished you with love masking all the defects.   Have … Continue reading Chiseled


The way all affair started sounded dubious the vows he made to her about till death do us apart sounded dubious they way he meticulously planned everything to hide from her in plain sight sounded dubious Promising to be together in thick and thin and never stepping out of the comfort zone sounded dubious Making sure … Continue reading Dubious