"Ignorance has always been the weapon of tyrants; enlightenment the salvation of the free." ---Bill Richardson My crestfallen soul roams around with a dejected look waiting to get entwined in your white moon with pure serendipity That dark cumulus clouds blocks my way and tries to steer me away from the path to redemption and pushing me in … Continue reading Polaris


This poem is third in the anthology of poems based on the five elements. Please read the others if you haven't yet. Air--The Air element represents the air, wind, cyclones, and tornadoes. But in our body, it comprises the breathing pattern and the gases moving inside our body. “Your omnipresence is marvelous! I breathe and you … Continue reading Air


A stifled voice still mumbling but choked by memories in the numbed mind A mind deeply disturbed by the atrocities witnessed by eyes carved deep inside A pair of eyes gazing from emptiness in heart to nothing simply living an onerous plight A heart tired and burdensome seeking reprieve from the burdensome reality weaved by … Continue reading Static

Gluttony (Gula)

This is the second poem in the anthology of poems based on the Seven deadly sins. Do read the previous ones too, if you haven't yet. Gluttony(Gula) - Similar to greed, but gluttony is the action of taking too much of something in being indifferent to others. Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us. ----Peter De Vries Incessant … Continue reading Gluttony (Gula)

Happy Peace Day!

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What we really want in today’s world. Do we want companionship, passion, empathy, peace, happiness, brotherhood or just wanting to be accepted?

We always have a long list of things we want from everybody else but there is always nothing we can give to anybody. We read about grief and sorrow in all different form in this world and it kind of has made us immune against all of that.

We really have become completely immune to the human emotions.
We see a crying kid in the crowd and moves on.
We see a homeless person sleeping in the cold and move on.
We see people homes getting burned, loved one getting killed and gone in a second and we move on.

We move on and go on in our life.
Heading towards an invisible goal which even if we attain will never give us any satisfaction.
Once you achieve…

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People say eyes are the mirror to your soul.You get the clarity of thoughts and emotions if you look deeply into someone's eyes. It stores all the hurt, pain, joy, ecstasy you have experienced all your life. But still, you spend your whole life surrounded by people around you who don't have any clue what going on inside you. Sometimes we wish for a such a mirror to exist which can reflect people true intentions and emotions and sometimes you just wanna hide.