Poetry published in the Indian Periodical-“Humility”

So thankful to the EIC Siddharth Sehgal to publish my poem " Humility" in his online literary magazine  Indian Periodical. Please read my pome here and share your thoughts in the comments section. Happy blogging! Megha Sood  

Turn the page

First Published in the Indian Periodical My thoughts are simmering As the slivers of the light fall from the clouds Like the blessings of the divine showered from above Oh! we sinners, As we pay for our penance climbing those silver stairs on our knees Will we get out of the vortex of hell? spinning … Continue reading Turn the page

Poetry feature in Indian Periodical-Timeless place

Hey friends, My poem Timeless place got featured in the latest issue of the online Literary journal Indian periodical. Please give it a read and let me know your thoughts. This poem is based on the desire of staying in a place where the time stops and you can stay in love forever. Happy blogging, … Continue reading Poetry feature in Indian Periodical-Timeless place