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A calm evening in the arms of the loved one
A steaming cup of coffee warming your hands on
a rainy and cloudy day
A dance in the rain getting drenched
and not having a care in the world
Buying yourself your favorite flowers
Looking at the sunset
with your feet dipped and covered in sand
letting the calmness and stillness
seep into your soul
A lengthy call from a long-lost friend
when you needed the most
An unhindered kiss and a warm hug
from the love of your life
Re-reading your favorite book
or  listening to the favorite song played on the radio
on your way home
An unplanned kiss planted on your cheek
by those little hands and fingers
A whole bar of your favorite chocolate
and nobody to share with
Spending your whole day without a hint of worry and
What is your panacea for your broken soul?
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When I dance with her

Locked gaze of hungry eyes a fleeting touch of her body Sudden twists and turns Swirls, which are so naughty Emotions flowing in locked steps Driving both the souls in unison Tapping feet makes the melody When I'm with her Music stirs our souls Beats makes the heart move Clapping to the ever-changing melody Body does … Continue reading When I dance with her

Daily Prompt-Coincidence

This post is in response to the Daily prompt challenge for the word Coincidence Born a thousand miles apart; breathing a  different world; unaware of your existence; a million lives apart. Yet seem to resonate to the same tune; heart swaying to the same rhythm; sharing thought with just a glance. There is so much different … Continue reading Daily Prompt-Coincidence

The season of fall

Here comes fall again! The season which brings so much of love and festivities along with it. That sudden chill in the air in the late evenings and beautiful fall leaves everywhere adds so many strokes of beauty to nature's palette. The essential and beautiful transition from summer to fall brings all the love along with it.

What is a poem ?

hat is a poem? I call them little bits of creativity scattered here and there in your mind. Hiding, waiting to be discovered, waiting to take shape in form of words. Every time you trace the path, it changes its shape.Taking new twists and turns gives an entirely new meaning to the emotions stored in there. A Poem as I call it, a complex emotion in a compressed manner.


Freedom - the art of being free. Everyone wants to be free, everyone wants to escape the mundane tasks of life. We are looking for that moment, that break in time, where we can relax and introspect.But it's not something life will offer you its something you have to steal from it.Don;t just waste your time in the endless grind, Do something different every day something small, something significant which is yours and only yours which will give you the feeling of the freedom you have been long lasting for.