House(Micro poetry and spoken word)

First Published in FIVE:2: ONE #sideshow magazine, Sept 2018 That dark well in the courtyard is like a monster as it devoured my sister and never spat her out that dark window sill is blackened by my mother's elbows as she waited patiently for my father to arrive those cracks in the basement door plays … Continue reading House(Micro poetry and spoken word)

Wings of change

Inspired by the Writing prompt given by the FIVE 2 One on Twitter Those fleeting winds riding the angled ends of the metal plate life hides its inspiration in smallest of things  a haphazard moment, a ripple in time, or a floating dandelion swayed away by the merciful winds they still seem to fulfill the purpose of sharing … Continue reading Wings of change

Poetry Published in the FIVE:2: ONE # Sideshow Magazine -“House”(Micro poetry)

Dear blogging family, I could not contain my excitement to share this news that my first micro poetry along with spoken word got published in the #Sidehow part of the coveted FIVE:2: One Magazine. They are one of the esteemed Literary magazines referred to by Poets &Writers aka'm really thankful to the editor in chief, … Continue reading Poetry Published in the FIVE:2: ONE # Sideshow Magazine -“House”(Micro poetry)