Deny- A living truth

A day has passed after the senseless Las Vegas shooting but the sadness, the state of denial ,we all are living in, is deep rooted in us.

When I dance with her

Locked gaze of hungry eyes a fleeting touch of her body Sudden twists and turns Swirls, which are so naughty Emotions flowing in locked steps Driving both the souls in unison Tapping feet makes the melody When I'm with her Music stirs our souls Beats makes the heart move Clapping to the ever-changing melody Body does … Continue reading When I dance with her

Who is a mother?

A friendly gentle face Laced with kindness and love showing and pouring her heart out to you Makes you feel be loved   A stern and a strict teacher who dispenses life lessons  will give you the toughest obstacles but will hold you when you fall Though she may have a sleek body frame but as athletic … Continue reading Who is a mother?

Daily Prompt-Coincidence

This post is in response to the Daily prompt challenge for the word Coincidence Born a thousand miles apart; breathing a  different world; unaware of your existence; a million lives apart. Yet seem to resonate to the same tune; heart swaying to the same rhythm; sharing thought with just a glance. There is so much different … Continue reading Daily Prompt-Coincidence